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Hidden Valley Organic Farms

We Use Only The Fresh Ingredients
Our Partners

Hidden Vallery Organic farms
Verns Cheese
Golden Produce
Houlmann Fish & Seafood
Alsum Farms
Willy Street Co-op

ALL Organic Pasture Raised Meats  
Please Place orders by 2 pm with Chef Oscar for same-day
cell (262) 745-6637 or email

Organic Steaks &

10 oz. Sirloin steak 8.99
10 oz. New Strip Steak 9.99 ea.
14 oz bone-in Rib-eye Steak 11.99 ea
6 oz Tenderloin Steak 9.99 ea
8 oz Tenderloin Steak 10.99 ea
8 oz Heritage Boneless Pork chops 7.99 ea

Burger & Roasts

90-10% Ground Beef 4.99 lbs.
Chuck roast 5.99 lbs.
Arm Roast 5.99 lbs.

Other Locally Sourced meats

6. oz Gerber Chicken Breast 5.99 ea

Fresh Sustainable Salmon

Chef Oscar's Famous Bronzed!!
6 oz. Fillet 7.99 ea
8.oz Fillet 9.99